Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alexandria Sekella Granted Order of Protection Against Her Baby Daddy!

Why do we have the feeling that Alexandria Sekella will bring all kinds of drama to the table during Teen Mom 3? This brunette bombshell is in an ongoing feud with her baby daddy, Matt McCann, and the latest? She's taken out an Order of Protection From Abuse (PFA) against him, ensuring that he can't come near her, or their daughter Arabella.

"Was granted a PFA I'm so happy right now," Alex tweeted on July 19, clarifying that the measure is tantamount to a "restraining order."

Hmmm, considering that Matt hasn't seen Alex in over a year, we're slightly surprised that she felt the need to get a restraining order against him — and so is his girlfriend, Lekota Koch!

"From my understanding what a PFA is, there has to be some form of domestic abuse or fear of domestic abuse,” Lekota tells RadarOnline. “They don’t live together. They have no contact whatsoever. There’s no way that she could have gotten a PFA because there is no contact between them. She has no proof that he has threatened her."

Lekota claims that Alex could have gotten a 24-hour PFA, but even this would have been impossible given that she hasn't been in contact with Matt.

“Yesterday she could have gotten a 24 hour PFA for emergencies only,” Lekota explains. “But she would have to prove that she was in immediate danger, which we didn’t have any contact yesterday so she couldn’t have proved that.”

Alex claims that she got the PFA for her own protection, saying "now I have police behind me of something happens." Meanwhile, Matt and Lekota haven't been formally notified of Alex's PFA, and Lekota isn't in a position to ask for an explanation.

“I would love to ask her but I’m not allowed to have contact with her. I’m not allowed to directly speak to her, so I don’t know," she says. "I am flabbergasted. I don’t understand where this whole PFA came from. It just makes no sense.”

Alex's response to Lekota's claims? "oh I know she's crazy," she tweeted. "obviously doesn't know what she's talking about I got him with all his tweets."

Guess we'll have to wait and see if Matt gets a formal order in the mail, in which case he won't be able to see Alex or Arabella for an entire year!

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