Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Matthew McCann Hospitalized After Freak Foot Accident!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. And we don't use the word "fallen" lightly — mostly because we're still completely traumatized from that time Teen Mom 3's resident grifter, Matthew McCann (aka Alexandria Sekella's baby daddy), accidentally hurled his sexy self off a cliff. Well, it looks like Matt is once again in a world of pain. Toe pain, to be exact.

Matt was rushed to the hospital on the evening of August 6 when he injured his toe after walking barefoot and slipping off a curb (um … it's called shoes, friend). Luckily his gal pal, Lekota Koch, updated fans about his condition.

"I love going to the ER at 1 a.m. because @MatthewMMcCann rips half his toe off & needs 14 stitches!" she tweeted. "Good thing his mom lives right there."

It looks like Matt will be A-OK, but according to Lekota he has to use crutches and won't be able to walk for two whole weeks! We suggest he spend the time tie-dying t-shirts, braiding hemp necklaces, and possibly investing in a pair of protective footwear.

In other news, it looks like Matt and his mother have kissed and made up! These two have been at odds thanks to Matt's drug-ridden past — but now that he's clean n' sober, motherly-love is once again in the air.

We're curious to see how Alexandria feels about this latest development considering that she's relatively close to Matt's mom...

Here's to wishing for a speedy recovery! #PrayForMattsToes

Source: Wetpaint

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