Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alexandria Sekella's Baby Daddy Claims He Was Illegally Removed From Arabella's Birth Certificate!

Things are heating up between Teen Mom 3's Matt McCann and Alexandria Sekella — and we don't mean in a sexy way. Despite being largely absent from his daughter's life for the past few years, Matt is seeking increased rights now that he's clean and sober. As you might expect, Alex is less than thrilled that Matt suddenly wants in on the action after months of absent parenting, and she doesn't think he stands a chance in the courtroom.

Apparently, Matt's name isn't on Arabella's birth certificate, which could negatively impact his appeal for visitation and custody. The weird part? Matt claims his name was on the birth certificate, and that Alex removed it illegally!

"So I called Vital Statistics today and I got an appointment in Harrisburgh.. Guess whose name was illegally removed from their child's BC?" he tweeted on September 10, adding "It's all good. I'll be getting put back on and it makes her look terrible."

Matt claims he signed an acknowledgement of paternity at the hospital when Bellie was born, but Alex's side of the story is pretty different.

"Ask him did he sign papers in the hospital?" she posted to AskFM. "I can't give his name he actually has to sign for his name to be on it."

So, what does Alex have to say about Matt's claims that his name was illegally removed from the birth certificate?

"If I 'illegally' removed matt from the BC then he can get a copy of my petition to have it done right?" she tweeted. "Haha #lies."

Sigh, looks like we'll have to wait for Alex and Matt's upcoming court date for this issue to be resolved. In the meantime, can't we all just get along?!

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