Monday, February 17, 2014

Mackenzie Douthit's Home Burglarized Just After She Gives Birth

This has been a month of incredible highs and lows for Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit. Just a week after she and husband Josh McKee welcomed their second child, the couple's home has been burglarized.

Mackenzie gave birth to daughter Jaxie Taylor McKee on February 7, with Mackenzie giving birth three weeks early because of fears about her Type 1 Diabetes affecting the pregnancy.

Now, Radar Online reports that Mackenzie and Josh's home was broken into this week while the couple was at a rodeo. Burglars apparently stole a great deal of the couple's possessions.

"Mackenzie and Josh McKee were at the rodeo when these people broke in a stole SO MUCH of their stuff," says a source. "They got everything, including all of the new baby’s clothes, and a swing and high chair.  They took Christmas presents that they’d received and even some of Josh’s hunting gear."

Mackenzie and Josh had been preparing to move, so they had already boxed up a lot of their stuff, which made it that much easier for the thieves to take it. "Everyone is worried that it is someone that knew Mackenzie or knew they were moving, and so they watched the house to see when they left," the source says.

"Josh was working at the rodeo in Kellyville, Oklahoma, which is two hours away, so they were gone for at least six hours," the insider adds. "No one was hurt, so that’s the most important thing, but they literally took everything they needed.  It’s a horrible violation."

This is truly awful news, and we wish their family all the best during this trying time.

Wish Mackenzie and Josh happy thoughts in the comments section!

Source: Radar Online 

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