Monday, March 3, 2014

Teen Mom 3 Star Matt McCann Lines Up a Full-Time Job — With Benefits!

The time has come to check in on everyone's favorite ginger (and his chin-strap): Teen Mom 3's Matt McCann. Fans of MTV have watched Matt transform from a drug-addled moth to a beautiful sober butterfly, but his transition hasn't been easy. Not only was Alexandria Sekella’s baby daddy homeless for a while, he accidentally fell down a cliff and broke all his bones a while back. Yikes!

Fortunately, Matt met the love of his life, Lekota Koch, a few months ago, and this gorgeous gal has helped her man get his life back on track. Thanks to Lekota's non-stop support, Matt has managed to stay sober, reunite with his daughter, Arabella, and even get back into the workforce!

Matt's career journey has been a huge pain, but was definitely worth the agro. "Im not just sitting here doing nothing. Im working on getting my SS card, I just got my birth certificate," Matt tweeted back in July, adding "I need both for an ID so then I can hopefully get a job so that I can support myself, my gf and my daughter."

Now that Matt has all his paperwork in order, he's been able to actively pursue jobs. The dude's been working super-late hours to support his family, but it looks like he's taking things up a notch with an even better gig! "Guess who got a pretty decent paying fulltime job with benefits?!" Matt tweeted on March 1. "This guy!!!"

Matt didn't elaborate on the details of his job, but we can only assume he's a Professional Facial Hair Grower. Congratulations are definitely in order!

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