Monday, March 17, 2014

Mackenzie Douthit Shares Gorgeous Family Portrait — See It Here! (PHOTO)

Credit: Mackenzie Douthit on Instagram
We're starting to think that Mackenzie Douthit might be the luckiest lady in Teen Mom Land  — aside from that one time all her belongings were stolen, of course.
Josh McKee and Kids

Not only does Mackenzie have a loving extended family and a ridiculously athletic body, she's also married to the hunkiest cowboy this side of the rodeo and has two adorable kids. Yep, Mackenzie is truly living the good life, and she recently shared a gorgeous photo of her sweet little family. We're in love!
"These three are what I live for," Mackenzie captioned the photo. "The love I have for them is beyond words could ever explain."

Happy tears! In this snapshot, Mackenzie's man, Josh McKee, is holding their son, Gannon, and their daughter, Jaxie. We basically can't even with their flawless combination of camo, cowboy gear, and jewelry. Not only is Josh wearing a cowboy hat and the biggest belt buckle known to man, he happens to be rocking a decorative necklace. Swoon! Meanwhile, Gannon's sporting camo socks and a camo shirt (he's basically invisible), and Jaxie's rocking some baby cowboy booties. They are modern American royalty and we all must bow down!

In other news, it looks like Mackenzie has recovered well from her C-section and early delivery. She’s even back to 'round the clock working out! Sigh, she's such an inspiration.

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