Monday, November 11, 2013

Alexandria Sekella Starts Co Parenting Classes With Matt McCann

Teen Mom 3 star Alexandria Sekella's life has turned upside down and it's all thanks to her baby daddy, the chin-strapped heart throb known as Matt McCann. Thanks to hardcore drug addiction plus this one really unfortunate time that he fell off a cliff, Matt hasn't exactly been there for Alex. He dropped out of her life shortly after their drama-filled breakup, and until recently he hadn't seen his daughter, Arabella, for a year.

The good news? Matt's sobered up and has a new zest for daddyhood, and he just filed for visitation. This dude gets to see Bellie once a week and every other weekend, and there's nothing Alex can do about it — despite the fact that she's more than a little upset about Matt suddenly taking an interest in their daughter's life.

Now that Matt's in the picture, he and Alex will have to work together to raise their little girl — and you know what that means! Time to co-parent like there's no tomorrow. Alex has officially started co-parenting education classes (COPE), and unfortunately she seems less than thrilled about the experience. "Well let's get this over with COPE," Alex posted to Instagram.

See? Not exactly happy to be there. But at least Alex is trying to give the class a positive spin — she wore bright purple sequined Uggs to lift her spirits!

Hopefully, Alex's COPE classes will help to mend her relationship with Matt. He'll be in her life forever, so they might as well get along! Do you think Alex and her sexy-exy will be able to successfully co-parent their daughter, or are these classes a waste of time?

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