Friday, November 1, 2013

Alexandria Sekella's Dad Still Can't Accept That She's a Teen Mom

Teen Mom 3 star Alexandria Sekella welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world on July 18, 2011 — but this celebration of new life didn't go the way Alex had always imagined. Getting pregnant as a teenager was not in the plans, and as a result Alex put aside her dreams of becoming a professional dancer in order to raise Arabella. Thankfully Alex's parents stuck by her side throughout the entire ordeal, though both encouraged her to place Bellie for adoption.

Alex obviously decided to keep Bellie, and to this day Alex's dad, Jim, still has trouble accepting that she opted to raise her kiddo as a single mom. In a new sneak peek clip, Alex and Jim sit down for a father/daughter chat at Arabella's first birthday, and Jim doesn't hold back his feelings.

"I'm still not happy about it," he says. "Don't get me wrong. You know how much I love you and how much I love this baby … I'm still very pissed."

Alex reminds her dad that they can't change the past (ain't that the truth?), and he finally shows a bit of optimism. "We're going to have to make this work," Jim concludes.

Still, he's not convinced that things are going as smoothly as Alex believes. "You're 18 years old and doing the job load of somebody in their 30s," he laments.

No one ever said being a teen mom would be easy, but at least Alex is doing the best she can and taking responsibility.

Do you think Jim is being rational or defeatist? Weigh in below.

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