Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager Gets a New Job!

   Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager is shaping up to be one of the most successful ladies in MTV's baby mama bunch. This small town girl has turned her life around since splitting from her deadbeat fianc√©, Joey Maes, and she's currently living the dream in the great southwest. Katie moved from Wyoming to Utah with her daughter Molli, and she isn't letting her status as a Teen Mom get in the way of accomplishing all her hopes and dreams.

Katie is determined to get an education and support her daughter, and it looks like she's just landed a new job! This gal had previously been working at Neutron Interactive, a company with great benefits including catered lunch, a game room, a 401(k) program and college tuition reimbursement.

Katie's new gig must be pretty sweet if she was willing to give up all those bennies! So, what is this gal up to? Apparently she's working as a bank teller!

"Finger printing done. Background check done. Now to start my job as a teller," she tweeted on October 29.

Way to go, Katie! Tellers typically make a good salary and enjoy lots of upward growth, and the job comes with a huge amount of responsibility. Clearly Katie is a perfect fit! Plus, being a teller can also open a lot of doors, and who knows? Maybe Katie's Teen Mom 3 co-stars will let her manage their finances so she can get some practice making it rain!

Are you surprised that Katie is working as a teller? Make sure to send her congratulations, y'all!    

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