Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Teen Mom 3's Alexandria Sekella Reveals Blood Disorder

This week's episode of Teen Mom 3 was all kinds of dramatic, but Alexandria Sekella took a break from the nonstop drams in her life by heading over to her local tattoo parlor for some celebratory ink. Alex decided to tattoo a giant image of her daughter's footprint on her shoulder, a super painful process that caused her to straight-up pass out.

Alexandria Sekella's Tattoo of Daughter Arabella's Footprint and Birth Date

Credit: Instagram
Yep, one moment Alex was happily getting her tat on, and the next she'd turned pale, started shaking like a leaf, and was slumped over in her chair. The really crazy part? Alex kept getting inked despite passing out!

Fans were obviously concerned to see their favorite starlet suffering from a fainting spell, so Alex took it to Twitter to clear a few things up.

"Worst moment in my life found out I had blood disorder ugh," she tweeted after the episode, confirming that the disorder is what caused her to pass out.

Alex hasn't elaborated about what kind of blood disorder she has, but the good news? It looks like she's in perfect health nowadays, and she confirmed via Twitter that she'll "be fine now."

Phew! Is it just us or do this crop of Teen Mom stars have more health problems than usual? Between worrying about Alex's blood disorder, Matt McCann's bronchitis, and Mackenzie Douthit's diabetes, we're never going to get a good night's sleep! 

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