Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Briana Dejesus’s Sister Brittany Opens Up About Her Abortion (VIDEO)

Fans of 16 and Pregnant may know that Briana Dejesus’s sister Brittany became pregnant around the same time as Briana. In fact, their two journeys were documented in the same episode. The two sisters chose different paths: Briana decided to carry her child to term, while Brittany had her pregnancy terminated. And it sounds like the decision to have an abortion is still haunting her.

In a clip from the October 14 episode of Teen Mom 3, Brittany confides in her sister and their mother Roxanne that she’s nervous about going to a gynecological appointment. It sounds like Brittany is still dealing with the trauma and grief surrounding her abortion even a year after the fact.

When Roxanne asks why she doesn’t want to go in for her exam, Brittany says, “Because the last time I had someone up my vagina, I got my freaking abortion. It’s a bad memory, it’s like a trip down f---king memory lane, I don’t want to go and relive that day.”

Both Briana and Roxanne try to help Brittany process her feelings rather than pushing them away, so she may hopefully move on from that painful memory. “Remember the reasons why you did it, okay?” Briana says “That’s what keeps you going.”

If this clip is any indication, tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 3 is going to be an emotional one.

Source: MTV

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