Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Katie Yeager Subtweets Joey Maes: He's An "Angry Bitter A—hole"

Watching Katie Yeager and Joey Maes's relationship crumble apart on Teen Mom 3 is painful to say the least, but fans can take comfort in knowing that Katie has 100 percent moved on from her bugaboo. Or, in the words of TLC, there are currently "no scrubs" in her life.

Katie and Joey broke up for good after she found out that he had sexed-up another girl just a few days after their split, and she moved to Utah to start a new life for herself and her daughter Molli! Katie's currently single and ready to mingle with a bearded hipster, and her life is nothing short of fabulous. But how is her relationship with Joey? Not good guys. Not good at all.

This gal took it to Twitter after watching her volatile breakup with Joey and mused, "Guess which one of us is still an angry bitter asshole and which one is a strong independent human being now? #iwon."

Wow, Joey's weave (er, baseball hat) was just snatched! We're not sure what this deadbeat dude is up to nowadays thanks to the fact that he's not social media savvy (too busy grooming his facial hair, probably), but according to Katie his life isn't all that. Joey definitely has a temper, so here's to hoping that he seeks out anger management classes and therapy so he ceases to be the "angry bitter asshole" that Katie claims he is!

Do you think Katie is better off without Joey in her life, or do you secretly hope this un-happy couple will give their relationship another shot for the sake of their sweet daughter? Hit the comments!

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