Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Briana Dejesus Slams Baby Daddy Devoin Austin After Teen Mom 3 Reunion

Did you guys catch Teen Mom 3's epic reunion special last night? Because yikes. Jerry Springer was just rendered irrelevant — Dr. Drew has clearly dethroned him! The episode was even more dramatic than usual, and it was all thanks to our favorite Teen Mom 3 star Briana Dejesus and her deadbeat baby daddy/frequent jail bird, Devoin Austin II.

Devoin and Briana got into the most intense fight we've ever seen on a Teen Mom 3 reunion, and things spiraled even more out of control when Briana's mom and sister wandered on stage to throw in their two cents. As you might expect, Briana and her family were less-than-impressed with Devoin's daddy skills, and were eager to put him in his place … that place being nowhere near his daughter, Nova Star.

Briana's behavior drew some criticism from fans, and she took it to Twitter in her defense. By which we mean, she took it to Twitter to slam Devoin. Briana's rant was expansive to say the least, but we've rounded up some highlights!

On Devoin's smoking habit: "Let's not forget u never even bothered to ask if she needs anything.....but buying weed was a priority!

On Devoin's lack of follow-through: "Let's not forget I told my mom and sister to stay out of it and u were able to see Nova alone and u didn't take that offer."

On Devoin's flakey behavior: "Let's not forget you would tell me u would come and never show up and have ur daughter waiting for u!"

On Devoin's family rejecting Nova: "Let's not forget the Austin family denied Nova and stood away 3 entire months of her life!! When I tried to make it wok!"

Yep, girlfriend is angry. And she has every reason to be! Anyone who watched Teen Mom 3 knows that Devoin has some serious shaping up to do, and Briana is sick and tired of being his baby sitter. It looks like she's more than given up on her ex, and even tweeted, "I'm done … not one person can tell me I'm a sh— parent...or a sh— person for keeping a child away from irresponsible people."

Do you think Briana is being too harsh, or do you 100 percent agree with her decision to keep Nova away from her dad? Hit the comments!

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