Friday, January 3, 2014

Updates On Teen Moms and Guys

Just an update on all the teen mom girls/guys: 
Teen Mom 
-Catelynn and Tyler are still together and get to see Carly 2 times a year.
-Maci is currently dating a guy named Taylor, They have been dating for over a year now. Ryan is no longer with Dalis and hasn't been for over a year, he is with a girl named Shelby. 
-Amber just got released from prison in November and is now trying to get partial custody of Leah.
Teen Mom 2 
-Chelsea is single and has moved on from Adam. She graduated school on November. Adam did have another baby with his girlfriend Taylor, named Paislee. 
-Leah is married to Jeremy and they had a daughter named Adalynn. Corey as well got married with Miranda last summer.
-Jenelle is currently pregnant with boyfriend Nathan and she does spend more time with Jace.
-Kailyn got married to Javi in September and they had a baby boy named Lincoln. Isaac does get to see his father every Thursday and every other weekend.
Teen Mom 3
-Briana is dating a guy named Jay. Devoin (Nova's father) still doesn't see Nova. 
-Katie is currently dating a guy named Matt. Joey still does get to see Molli.
-Mackenzie and Josh got married last summer and Mackenzie is currently pregnant with a baby girl due on January 28th.
-Alex is currently single. Matt has now supervised visits and he does get to spend time with Arabella. Matt is also engaged to his girlfriend Lekota.

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