Friday, January 24, 2014

Alexandria Sekella Slams Rumors That She's Dating a Guy With a Criminal Past

The internet is buzzing with rumors that Teen Mom 3's Alexandria Sekella has herself a boyfriend. And not just any boyfriend! Word on the street is that she's dating a guy named Peter Gruppo, a Pennsylvania native with some questionable history.

Not only has Peter been charged with institutional vandalism, criminal trespass, and criminal mischief, he was charged with possessing instruments of a crime and corruption of minors. Oh, and he also got kicked off his football team and has a few speeding tickets. Yikes.

Peter doesn't exactly sound like a good romantic fit for notoriously sensible Alex (he hardly seems like stepfather material!), but she's taken it to Twitter to clear things up.

"Just to clear all the BS @WakeUpNow_Pete and I are not currently dating we are good friends who talk n flirt," Alex clarified, adding, "I flirt with a ton of guys I work at a college I'm single am I not allowed to flirt."

Alex can flirt with whoever she pleases, and her private dating life is definitely her business. Then again, Peter does sound like he has some explaining to do … especially when it comes to that "corruption of minors" charge. Sigh, this whole saga makes us think of our shame-spiraling imaginary boyfriend Justin Bieber. What happened to you, buddy?

Do you think Alex should be dating (or flirting with!) someone with such a sordid past? Sound off in the comments.

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