Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alexandria Sekella Dishes on Her Relationship Status: "I Date a Lot"

Teen Mom 3's Alexandria Sekella is living life according to the '90s-style wisdom of Big Pun: "I'm not a playa I just crush a lot."

This former reality star (Teen Mom 3 was cancelled … noooooo!) has been single and ready to mingle since splitting up from her baby daddy, Matthew McCann, but that doesn't mean she's been living the life of a wallflower. Between bringing home the bacon and taking care of her adorable daughter, Alex finds time to casually date. In fact, she dates up a storm.

"I date I date a lot but I refuse to post it all over the internet for everyone to judge," Aex revealed on "When I am in a real serious relationship I will announce it."

Alex might date a lot, but her requirements for a boyfriend are pretty intense. Not only does she need to find a mature dude who's ready to settle down, she needs a guy who's willing to co-parent her daughter, Arabella. Oh, and there's also the fact that Alex is currently abstinent — which means potential boyfriends won't be seeing any action until they put a ring on it!

Alex hasn't taken it to Twitter to make any formal announcements about her dating life, so we assume that she's keeping things casual for now. Honestly, we don't even know when this busy gal finds time to go out what with her nonstop schedule as a dance instructor and full-time mom!


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